17 June 2012


A host of corporate producers compete with each other, wooing corner shopkeepers with product and cash for the strategic shop-front placement of their branded material.  London has a long history of newspapers creating branded signage for corner shops; earlier I posted about the Lebara and Lyca campaigns for corner shop frontage.

Official Olympic sponsorship has made Cadbury particularly active in this regard, especially in the more touristy parts of my neighbourhood.  Around the British Museum, a Cadburyfication is in effect!

As well as adhering stickers along the rims of windows, hanging branded bunting, and developing new interior displays, the reps create Cadbury-branded coordinated signage for the individual shops.  Through the process, a number of options are presented to the shopkeepers for consideration.  Although these particular arrangements are designed to last through the Olympics, these relationships are long-standing and will continue after the Games. 

The economic challenges faced by many independent businesses – especially in times of economic crunch – make these arrangements particularly attractive.  And who would turn down free chocolate?!

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