08 June 2012

Revived and Repurposed

Tottenham Court Road wasn't originally included in my study area, but I shuffled my boundary westwards to capture its kiosks.  Between Euston Road and Oxford Street, eleven kiosks offer a bounty of products and services, including: flowers, shoe shines, newspapers and magazines, convenience foods, fruit, souvenirs, and suitcases.

While I don't like to pick favourites, I do particularly like the repurposing of "Central Perks'".

This kiosk was once a sandwich and coffee shop -- as seen on flickr -- but has since been revived as a mobile phone unlocking and repair centre.

The shop keepers seem quite proud of their transfiguration and were delighted to have the kiosk photographed.  The name of the shop takes on a whole new meaning as a mobile repair shop -- speaking less to sitcoms and coffee, perhaps, and more to the convenience and advantages of having ad hoc shops and services in central London.  The refrigerated deli display case has accommodated a completely different function too, as the site of an array of dazzling iPhone covers.

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